• We focus rightly on preschool children
    and school based mental health programmes
    which will prevent and possibly promote

    Positive Mental Health

  • Only 20 percent of children with mental disorders

    are identified and receive mental health services

    One in every 5 child has a mental health issue
  • Try to understand and encourage those around you

    You Are Not Alone
  • With the right support and intervention

    children with learning disabilities can
    succeed in school and go on to live happy

    successful lives
  • Think Positively;It's easier

    Set goals for your self

    and pursue your dreams
  • Your Mental Health is Precious

    No Health without Mental Health

    The body achieves what the mind believes
  • Cherish the one you love

Divinely touching the lives of 70 million Indians
With Mental Disorders

Research shows that early identification and intervention can
minimize the long-term disability of mental disorders

Institute for Pshychological Empowerment,Research & Training

IPERT centre for Mental Health is a charitable organization established to promote mental health with a major focus among school students ranging from primary to teenagers and also to other segment of the Indian community who suffer from various mental disorders.
The first part of the project is designed as a blend of detection, diagnosis, various therapies, counseling, training, parenting and prevention methods to see that at least  our state Kerala to come up with a strong young community who faces challenges in the areas like, Learning Disabilities, Depression, Anxiety disorders, stress, Drug Abuse, Personality & emCharacter Disorders and much more…

IPERT (Institute for Psychological Empowerment Research & Training, an ISO 9001: 2008 certified Institution) is a well known among the student, teacher and parent community of our country through a variety of projects for empowering the above segments  is the foundation upon which IPERT Mental Health  is rooted . Under this big umbrella the following clinics are established all over the country.

  • IPERT Clinic for Learning Disabled
  • IPERT Clinic for Mentally Challenged
  • IPERT Clinic for family counseling
  • IPERT clinic for detection & diagnosis of mental & Developmental disorders.


The organization is headed by Dr. Suresh Kumar, a prominent clinical psychologist, specialized in Learning Disabilities,sureshkumarpersonality trainer and resource person for value education who proved himself among the student, teacher & parent community across the world in providing successful training under psychological empowerment & value education. A team of Psychologists, Psychiatric Social workers, special educators are working with him and that is supervised by a panel of leading Psychiatrists, Neurologists and Pediatricians.